HSP Seminar #203 Africa’s Evolving Security Architecture

•日時: 2015年9月2日(水)16:00-18:00
•概要: Lecture by Dr. Adekeye Adebajo

CCR Executive Director

Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR)

Towards A New Pax Africana: Africa’s Evolving Security Architecture

This lecture will examine Africa’s evolving security architecture around the African Union (AU) and subregional bodies such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS). These organisations remain fledgling and still lack sufficient financing and logistics. The establishment of an African Standby Force (ASF) has been postponed several times, even as external powers such as France and the United States (US) play sometimes negative security roles on the continent. The roles of potential African hegemons such as South Africa, Nigeria, and Ethiopia will also be assessed. The lecture will further examine the challenges of United Nations (UN) peacekeeping in Africa from the Suez (1956) to Sudan (ongoing), and suggest ways of establishing an effective division of labour between the world body and Africa’s regional bodies to achieve Pax Africana.

•場所: 東京大学駒場キャンパス 18号館4階コラボレーションルーム1
•発表者: アデケェ・アデバヨ(紛争解決センター、南アフリカ)
•司会: 遠藤貢(東京大学教授)
•言語: 英語
•主催: 東京大学大学院総合文化研究科「人間の安全保障」プログラム (HSP)

グローバル地域研究機構 (IAGS) アフリカ地域研究センター

•共催: 科研費補助金 基盤研究(S)「アフリカの潜在威力を活用した紛争解決と共生の実現に関する総合研究」政治・国際関係ユニット