Report of the Fact-Finding Mission to Cambodia: The Deprivation of Land and the Continuous Human Rights Violations

Recently in Cambodia, a lot of people are evicted from the invaluable lands where they have lived for a long time and are losing the place to live in under the name of ”development”. Such cases are increasing year by year that the people are forcefully evicted from the development-planned-land where they were living and cultivating and are deprived of the place for living and livelihood.

The people becoming frustrated with the forced evictions started protest against the eviction all over the country. However, the Government suppressed the protests of the people by forceful means. Illegal arrests and detentions against human rights defenders use of force against villager, and even killings of citizen are reported in Cambodia related to the land dispute.

Human Rights Now (HRN), an international human rights NGO based in Tokyo was concerned about such human rights violations in Cambodia and sent a fact-finding mission there.

In this session, HRN will report how the people were evicted and what happened afterward based on the finding of the fact finding mission. After the report, discussion is followed on the way to peaceful solution, as well as the role of Japanese civil society or other actors in Japan.

Please join us.

  • Date : September 4 (Tue.), 2012, 18:30-20:00
  • Venue : Collaboration Room 1, 4F of Bldg.18, Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo (map)
  • Lectureres : Kazuko Ito (Secretary General of HRN) and the Team Members for Cambodia of HRN
  • Commentator : Sar Sochea (Utsunomiya University)
  • Moderator : Yasunobu Sato (Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo)
  • Languages : Japanese
  • Organizer:NPO Human Rights Now
  • Co-Organizers :
    Graduate Program on Human Security, University of Tokyo (HSP)
    Research Center for Sustainable Peace, Institute of Advanced Global Studies (IAGS), University of Tokyo
  • Supporters :
    Research Center for Sustainable Development, Institute of Advanced Global Studies (IAGS), University of Tokyo
    Research Center for Asian Studies, Institute of Advanced Global Studies (IAGS), University of Tokyo
    Human Mobility Studies (Corporate Sponsored Program: Hogakukan Co.,Ltd.), University of Tokyo
    People’s Forum on Cambodia

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