HSP Seminar #179 “Working-level work shop in the health field”

  • Material(in Japanese):140410第1回ワークショップ告知
  • Date:May, 31st, 2014(Sat.)13:00 -15:30
  • Venue:Collaboration Room 1,18 Bldg., Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo
  • Lecturer:Masamine JIMBA (Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo)
  • Commentator:Hideo KIMURA (Professor, Graduate School of Art and Sciences, University of Tokyo)
  • Moderator:Yuka SAITO (Ph.D.student)
  • Language:Japanese
  • Organizer:Health and Human Security Project
  • Supporters:Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan Overseas Cooperative Association, Japan Center for International Exchange, Japan Committee for UNICEF