HSP Seminar (#295) “Refugee Education and Human Security: Perspectives from Rohingya Refugees in Japan” (Jul. 1, 2022)

Title Refugee Education and Human Security: Perspectives from Rohingya Refugees in Japan
Descriptions This seminar will feature two lecturers involved in learning support projects for Rohingya refugees in Japan to discuss refugee education and human security. First, Dr. Hiromu Miyashita will give an overview of the Rohingya issue and the challenges of refugee asylum in Japan from the perspective of human security. Then, Ms. Khadiza Begum will report on the situation of Rohingya refugees in Japan from the viewpoint of the people concerned. For participation, please register by 30 June.
Date 15:00–16:30, July 1, 2022 (Fri.)
Venue Collaboration Room 3, 4th Floor, Building 18 (Map), University of Tokyo Komaba Campus; and Online
Note: Please register by 30 June.
Lecturers Hiromu Miyashita (Assistant Professor, Meijo University; Executive Director, Human Security Forum)
Khadiza Begum (Rohingya Refugee; Secretariat, Human Security Forum)
Moderator Ai Kihara-Hunt (Professor, Graduate Program on Human Security (HSP), the University of Tokyo)
Language Japanese
Materials Provided in the seminar if any.
Organizer Graduate Program on Human Security (HSP), The University of Tokyo
Co-organizer Research Center for Sustainable Peace (RCSP), Institute of Advanced Global Studies (IAGS), The University of Tokyo
Notes There will be guests.
Registration form: https://forms.gle/ABFvD9TmvsHnv3Fz5

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