HSP Seminar (#292) “ICRC Career Seminar” (May 13, 2022)

Title ICRC Career Seminar
Descriptions In this career seminar, ICRC personnel at different levels of their career will share their career experiences in order to inform interested students what it is like to work at the ICRC. The ICRC will introduce various opportunities with the ICRC. The University of Tokyo’s focal point will share the International Law Training and Research Hub’s activities in relation to International Humanitarian Law as well. There will be questions and answers session at the end. Priority will be given
to questions from University of Tokyo students.
Date 18:00-19:30 JST, 13 May 2022
Venue Online venue, registration necessary at Google Form
Speakerss Mr.Regis Savioz (ICRC Head of Delegation), Ms.Michito Kawasaki (ICRC), Mr.Daisuke Shibasaki (ICRC), Mr.Yuki Saito (ICRC), Prof. Hiroyuki Ukeda (UTokyo), Prof. Ai Kihara-Hunt (UTokyo), Hina Miyashita (UTokyo)
Moderator Kunanon Tanyasatheanwong (Pao), ICRC Talent Attraction Officer
Language Japanese (Partially in English)
Organizers Graduate Program on Human Security (HSP), The University of Tokyo;
International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC)
Co-organizers Research Center for Sustainable Peace (RCSP), Institute of Advanced Global Studies (IAGS), The University of Tokyo;
International Law Training and Research Hub (UOTIL HUB), The University of Tokyo;
Center for International Exchange, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo

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