HSP Seminar (#291) “Refugees, Forced Migrants and the Mandate of the UNHCR” (Mar. 19, 2022)

Title Refugees, Forced Migrants and the Mandate of the UNHCR
Descriptions In this seminar, Mr. Dirk Hebecker will discuss contemporary issues of refugees, forced migrants and the mandate of UNHCR. Following his talk, there will be a Q and A session. Questions will be taken from the University of Tokyo students first.
Date 16:30–18:00 (JST), 19 March 2022
Venue Online venue, registration necessary at Google Form
Lecturer Mr. Dirk Hebecker (Former representative, UNHCR Japan Office)
Moderator Ai Kihara-Hunt (Associate Professor, the University of Tokyo)
Language English
Organizers Graduate Program on Human Security (HSP), The University of Tokyo;
Research Center for Sustainable Peace (RCSP), Institute of Advanced Global Studies (IAGS), The University of Tokyo;
International Law Training and Research Hub (UOTIL HUB), The University of Tokyo;
Global Praxis class, Global Komaba, The University of Tokyo

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