HSP Seminar (#279) “Symposium on Sanctioning Human Rights Violations: Magnitsky Laws in the World – Lessons Learned” (Mar. 12, 2021)

Title Symposium on Sanctioning Human Rights Violations: Magnitsky Laws in the World – Lessons Learned
Descriptions The goal of the symposium is to disseminate and generate public knowledge in Japan of the Magnitsky Laws and their significance within human rights movements. It brings together some of the most noted contributors in human rights discourse to discuss lessons learned in the utilization of the Magnitsky Law in the the US, Canada, and the UK. Cases of countries that are in the process of introducing Magnitsky Laws, including Australia, Switzerland and Japan will be discussed. Session 2 is focused on Japan.
Dates Session 1 : 12 March 2021 (Friday), 18:00–21:00;
Session 2 : 13 March 2021 (Saturday), 13:00–14:00
Venue Zoom (Pre-registration required: https://forms.gle/JYXCV2o5NvPdX9CP6 )
Keynote Speakers Session 1:
Mr. Bill Browder (CEO/Co-Founder Hermitage Capital Management);
Prof. Irwin Cotler (Raoul Wallenberg Center for Human Rights);
Lady Helena Kennedy (Inter-Parliamentary Alliance)
Panelists Session 1:
Simon Henderson (Head of Policy, Save the Children Australia);
Fabian Molina (Swiss National Council);
Paul Namkoong (University of Tokyo International Law Training and Research Hub)

Session 2:
Gen Nakatani (Member of Parliament);
Shiori Yamao (Member of Parliament);
Akira Igata (Professor, Tama University)

Moderators Session 1:
Ai Kihara-Hunt (Associate Professor, the University of Tokyo)

Session 2:
Jun Hori (Journalist; Director, NPO 8bitNews)

Languages Session 1: English;
Session 2: Japanese (with online interpretation)
Materials To be distributed at the event.
Organizers Graduate Program on Human Security (HSP), the University of Tokyo;
Human Rights Watch
Co-organizers Global Studies Initiative, the University of Tokyo;
International Law Training and Research Hub, the University of Tokyo

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