HSP Seminar (#225) Resident Filipinos in Aging Japan: Future Perspectives

Description: As more developed countries (MDC) face aging, low birthrate and “war for talent”, Japan too faces decreasing working population. Today, increasing number of resident Filipinos are engaged in various jobs such as housekeeping, elderly caregiving, farming, IT business, factory, service industry (including distribution industry), construction, and so on. We are going to understand the background of their presence in Japan. It is pointed out that Japan’s poor migration policy forces local governments, citizen’s groups and private companies to make up the gaps. We are going to seek how Japan can make the society comfortable for them to realize a globally competitive multicultural society by crafting pertinent policies.


Date: November, 9th , 2016(Wed)18:45 – 20:30
Venue: K-303 21 KOMCEE , Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo
Lecturer: Michiyo Yoneno-Reyes (Visiting Researcher, The Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo/ The Japan Foundation Japan Studies Fellow)
Commentator: Rodrigue Emmanuel Maillard  (Doctorate III/GSII UTokyo)
Moderator: Yuichi Sekiya (Associate Professor, UTokyo)
Language: English
Materials: Available on site.
Organizers: Graduate Program on Human Security, University of Tokyo (HSP)

Research Center for Sustainable Development, Institute of Advanced Global Studies (IAGS), University of Tokyo

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