HSP Seminar #193 Securing Kenya’s counties since devolution

•Title: Securing Kenya’s counties since devolution
•Date: June 12, 2015 17:00-19:00
•Venue: Collaboration Room 4, Bldg.18 (4th Floor), Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo
•Presenters: Prof. Mkutu, Kennedy (United States International University, Kenya)

Mitsugi ENDO, The University of Tokyo

•Language: English
•Materials:  See the attached (20150612_HSP Seminar Abstract).
*Organizers: Graduate Program on Human Security, The University of Tokyo (HSP)

Research Center for Asian Studies, Institute of Advanced Global Studies (IAGS)

•Co-organizers: Grant in Aid for Scientific Research (S) Project: Conflict Resolution and Coexistence through Reassessment and Utilization of “African Potentials.” Unit of Politics and International Relations

Kanto Branch, Japan Association for African Studies

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